Interaction Designer | New Media Artist | Creative Organizer

TOD@S Campaign

2015 | Public Awareness Campaign


project information

A citywide awareness campaign in Boston about intimate partner abuse in the POC LGBTQ community. Our team focused on depicting love and healthy relationships in a domestic violence campaign.

Duration: 10 weeks
Role: Creative Direction + Graphic Design
Skills: Visual Design + Print Production
Team: Quan [illustrator], Chris Horan [project manager] + Francesca Contreras, Cara Presley, Xavier Quinn, Amy Santana, Vilma Uribe, Corey Yarborough [tod@s]




TOD@S is an inter-agency collaboration designed to improve and increase access to intervention and prevention services for LGBQ/T Black and Latinx people affected by partner abuse. During Domestic Violence Awareness Month, TOD@S launched a bi-lingual public awareness campaign to broaden public understanding of what partner abuse is and who it impacts, while also depicting, promoting and celebrating healthy relationships among LGBQ/T people of color.




Since this campaign is related to intimate partner violence, which happens inside the home and outside, our concept stems from the idea of ‘stoop-love,’ which encompasses both spaces. We held small focus groups with the community through different stages of design and character development to ensure that the direction we were going in is authentic and speaks to the demographic.

visual inspiration

Our vision for this campaign to be illustrated came from wanting to represent a diverse community. When looking at public awareness campaigns about domestic violence, we noticed an overwhelming number of organizations that have chosen to depict bruised and battered individuals, usually women. We wanted to fight this stereotype and instead, depict people in healthy, loving relationships and use supportive language to connect with our audience. For inspiration, we turned to the work of artists from the QTPOC communities, such as Mojuicy and Julio Salgado, who are creating warm, affirming imagery.




In October 2015, coinciding with Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the campaign went live across the city of Boston. It was hard to miss and widely distributed in print media as well as on public transportation in the areas we were targeting. Two launch events were held, one for social service providers and one for the community. We garnered immense success and publicity - for so many people it was the first time they were seeing themselves represented in a positive, loving way.

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