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Systems Thinking

Assignment 10: Product-Service Ecology — Wellness

Parts 1-3: Diagrams

Part 4: Presentation

Assignment 9: User Conceptual Models: Home Thermostat

HVAC System Stocks and Flows Diagram

User Conceptual Model of Thermostat

Thermostat UI Options

Assignment 8: Automatic Feedback System Diagram

Automatic Doors Feedback System

Assignment 7: Yellowstone Interaction

Interactive Stocks & Flow

Interactive Stocks & Flow Coversheet

Assignment 6: Yellowstone Maps


Stocks and Flow

Assignment 5: Desktop Application System

Object Oriented Drawing Program system

Assignment 3: Basic Application Model

Recipe Redesign

Restaurant Diagrams

Assignment 2: Recipes as platform, template, and CMS

Recipe Diagrams

CMS diagram

Assignment 1: Systems Diagrams

Concept Map [internal]

Ecosystem Map [external]