Interaction Designer | New Media Artist | Creative Organizer

A Future of Radical Queer Possibilities

Series of events that centered qtpoc dialogue and built community


2014 - 2015 | Creative Organizing / curation

A creative organizing initiative to make visible what feels lacking in the city [Boston] regarding a queer / radical / poc centric dialogue, that transforms spaces into a collaborative installation & explores ways in which our space can inform our functions to really engage with ourselves and others through experimentation.

A collaboration with Nabeela Vega




A series of 3 events organized and curated by Nabeela and I under RQP.



third event

Allied Media Conference Workshop

JUNE 2015

On June 21, 2015 Nabeela & I presented at the Allied Media Conference in Detroit. Our session was a hands-on workshop about glitch art, video and post production. We meditated with our participants on the idea of glitch as queer aesthetics and used our ideas as content for a video filmed in front of a green screen.

In May 2015, we held a pre-Allied Media Conference workshop and hangout with the community in Boston to help us prepare for the AMC workshop.



second event

SIGNIFIED Documentary Screening


In October 2014, we collaborated with Anna Barsan and Jessie Levandov of SIGNIFIED to host a screening of their work and a discussion at Massachusetts College of Art & Design. SIGNIFIED is a web-based documentary series featuring the work of queer artists and activists.

The Boston DIG wrote a piece about our event.



first event

Debut Party Event

JULY 2014

We started our initiative in the form of a party in Allston, MA. Our hope was to effectively facilitate an environment that would allow for the kind of conversations we felt were missing in other spaces, while also having a good time. It was curated through videos, a post-it note wall, home cooked food, and beverages in a way that prompted folks to talk about topics such as art, race, resistance, sex, healing, and technology. Our hope was to build community in a curated but homely environment

We collaborated with Kevin Clancy, the artist who created WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR DREAMS, a nomadic platform for collective dreaming and utopic visions. Kevin facilitated a participatory dream session and DJ DayGlow, Boston based DJ, activated the space with her music.