Interaction Designer | New Media Artist | Creative Organizer

Digital Sufi Shrine


Digital Sufi Shrine

Ongoing since December 2017

Digital Sufi Shrine is an experience rooted in nostalgia and re-imagination. It is an ongoing body of work that merges fragments from my memories with physical and digital technologies and new narratives to create immersive spaces.

Installation II / reorienting the imaginaries

November 2018 - January 2019 at SOMARTS part of Reorienting The Imaginaries


This installation reimagines the Sufi Shrine, a space for gathering, healing and memorializing, with alternative narratives that preserve memories and also imagine new possibilities. Elements have been recreated with projections, lighting and props to create an immersive environment for experiencing this reality.

The Digital Sufi Shrine features visuals sourced from the internet of sufi shrines around Pakistan. These exist in the ‘outdoor’ space which amplifies the feeling of transcendence experienced in dhamaal.

The ‘indoor’ space, traditionally reserved for the grave of a saint, celebrates and remembers Pakistani women we have lost in recent years.


Installation I / gray area showcase

Role: Artist & Designer
Sound: Arooj Aftab & Anjna Swaminathan

Sufism and Sufi music was a significant part of my life when I was coming of age in Pakistan. It’s considered to be subversive because it's unorthodox and is often practiced through music, dance, poetry, and intoxication which is very contrary to mainstream Islam. I connected with how fluid and expansive it was and it continues to be an important part of my identity and ideology. 

This project is an homage to Sufi shrines across Pakistan that are frequently attacked, mutating from beautiful, sacred spaces into sites of violence.