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2017 | Mindfulness App



project information

An app that guides people to balance and open their Chakras - spinning wheels of energy located in different parts of the human body. Each Chakra has a color associated with it, which is emphasized through the visual design of the app. 

Duration: 3 weeks
Role: UI Designer
Skills: Concept, Research, Visual Design + Motion Design

Icons: Cass Reese [Noun Project]




There are 7 energy centers in our body, known as ‘chakras’. The word 'chakra' is derived from the sanskrit word meaning 'wheel'. Balancing them can help us reach higher levels of creativity, health, and self-fulfillment. Each chakra corresponds to a specific aspect of our consciousness.

This app is designed to lead users through a process of chakra balancing that will last for 14 days. During the journey, the user will only focus on balancing the selected chakra through guided meditations and mindful activities such as aromatherapy, working with crystals, and making teas.


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I wanted to understand the ways in which people practice the process of chakra balancing as well as the characteristics and nuances associated with each chakra. I did online research, collecting information about chakras, which I was able to use to synthesize the content of the app.




I created paper and digital wireframes which helped me decide upon the user flow and specific tasks I wanted to design for. I decided to focus on how a user can:

  • set up a journey
  • perform a daily meditation
  • complete a journey
  • view completed journeys


    app ui


    When a user opens the app, they can scroll through the 7 journeys to select one. Colored dots on the right highlight the selected chakra so users can imagine which part of the body that chakra relates to.

    Starting a Journey

    Once they select a chakra, users can configure the journey they want to begin through setting preferences and reminders. Content between screens staggers to convey a feeling of lightness.


    Doing a Daily Meditation

    When users open the app during a journey, they can see how much of the journey they have completed and have remaining through the broken circle visualization. A section of the circle pulses to indicate it is the next meditation.

    The colors and sounds in the meditation correspond to the sound frequencies and colors of the selected chakra.


    Completing a Journey

    When a journey is completed, the circle spins. This is a literal metaphor as chakra means 'spinning wheels'. The user is congratulated on completing a journey and then they can view statistics related to their previously completed journeys.