Chakra App


2017 | Behavior Design App

An app that guides people to balance and open their Chakras - spinning wheels of energy located in different parts of the human body. Each Chakra has a color associated with it, which is emphasized through the visual design of the app. 

4 weeks

Lead UX + Visual Designer

Visual Design
Motion Design


icons by Cass Reese at Noun Project


There are 7 energy centers in our body, known as ‘chakras’. The word 'chakra' is derived from the sanskrit word meaning 'wheel'. Balancing them can help us reach higher levels of creativity, health, and self-fulfillment. Each chakra corresponds to a specific aspect of our consciousness.


This app is designed to lead users through a process of chakra balancing that will last for 14 days. During the journey, the user will only focus on balancing the selected chakra through guided meditations and mindful activities such as aromatherapy, working with crystals, and making teas.


research notes

research notes


I did online research, collecting information about chakras from sites like,, and I wanted to understand the ways in which people practice the process of chakra balancing as well as the characteristics and nuances associated with each chakra. I was able to use this information to synthesize the content of the app.

Behavior Change

I studied the Fogg Behavior Model to understand how to position the app in the context of behavior change. I decided to focus heavily on UX and visuals in order to make it easy and delightful to use thus motivating users to stay engaged.



User Conceptual Model

Once I completed my research, I created a user conceptual model to decide which information was relevant to the user and how they would access it.


The first set of wireframes were created on paper and I did two rounds of iterations on Sketch before deciding on the final flow.


The most important feedback I received at this point was that I should include the flow of when a user completes a journey and a way for them to view all their completed journeys.


Last time I ch

Final Screens


When a user opens the app, they can scroll through the 7 journeys to select one.

Starting a Journey

User can set a few preferences before starting a journey.

Doing a Daily Meditation


Completing a Journey